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Work Hard in Style

Your work space should be a beautifully sleek utilitarian place that acts as a cohesive work associate, providing all the elements you need for comfort and inspiration. Often the first things that comes to mind when “nutting out” the layout of your office are – functionality, organization and productivity. But lets stop for a moment to think about how your office actually makes you feel. What’s the vibe in there?

We want you to know you can actually optimise your work space to give you more energy, motivation and promote well-being. That sounds like a very un-work like recipe for calm, enjoyable productivity if you ask us…

Think about all the times you’ve been watching a movie or TV and you’ve seen the office of some big deal CEO type. Where was his or her desk is orientated in that swanky office? We’re guessing it would’ve been facing the door or entrance to the office? This is known as a “command position,” and it’s this setup puts you in a position of power over the entire space.  Try this arrangement and if it’s not possible, place a mirror in front of your desk so that you can view the entire space.

Get the Feng Shui thing happening. Organisation in your work space and particularly on your desk allows energy flow freely, while one piled with papers blocks this energy. If you’re calling “hippy shit” on this one, that’s ok but just create some distance from the words “Feng Shui”  and realise you don’t have to be hippy to know that a clutter free work space will make you feel better and be more productive.

There are so many studies out there that are pro indoor plants, their benefits are hard to refute. Some lushness in the office and some succulents or cactus on the desk can have a calming effect, de-stress you and they also help clean the air. We’ve also read some research that shows that even a quick glance at the colour green connects you to a more creative thought process. Besides the benefits for body & soul, their aesthetic is so versatile with a myriad of structures at your fingertips and green symbolises energy and new beginnings (another Feng Shui “hippy shit” thing). One of us used to be a landscaper so there is some excitement generated when this topic was raised in the office!

Finally, a well-lit work space not only reduces eye strain, but it also helps you feel more awake. If your space doesn’t get a lot of natural sunlight, steer well clear of the hideous public space like flicker of fluorescent lighting and try full spectrum warm tone light bulbs that emulate daylight.

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