Why you should get a monitor shelf for your computer

Monitor shelf

We understand that few people like to begin reading any article where there are a bunch of statistics, but they are important for you to understand how you can improve your productivity and even be healthier with a Monitor Shelf. The average person spends three hours and 40 minutes in front of a computer screen every day, either using their desktop or laptop computer. In addition, nearly 80% of all people in the workforce use a computer as part of performing tasks that their job. This does not even include the fact that virtually everyone uses a computer screen to watch videos, check email, write letters, and use their social media.

Whether you like it or not, the fact remains that a large portion of your day is centred around using your computer. You are viewing your screen for a significant amount of your day, and so you want to make sure that you are not only using your time as efficiently as possible but that you are also protecting your health. You want to reach a high degree of comfort and avoid such things as eyestrain, so you may already be using wrist guards, a mouse and keyboard that focuses on ergonomics, and other equipment that helps improve your performance and protect you from injury.

If you are doing that and are ready, then good for you. However, one piece of equipment that many fail to use is the monitor shelf. This is something that every person should have, regardless of whether you are a student, worker, or someone who would simply use their computer for personal use.


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What Is a Monitor Shelf?

If you have not seen a monitor shelf, this is a platform that sits on the top of your desk where you are able to position your monitors. There are several common different types of materials and heights, and most will work quite well for you. However, if you are going to be using your computer for an extended amount of time, then it pays to have a shelf made of quality material, such as walnut.

You also may want to consider getting a shelf that allows you to improve the efficiency of your space. Some of the shelves come with cubbies or trades where you can put paper, envelopes, pens, pencils, and other items you would need to perform tasks that your desk. The shelf gives you greater functionality and uses within your home or business space, helping you to have the right level of vision when monitoring your computer screen.


Adding an Additional Level of Ergonomics

While improving your efficiency is a good reason to get a monitor shelf, the primary purpose is to improve the ergonomics of your workspace. By having your monitor positioned so that your eyes are at the right level to view the screen, you avoid eyestrain and fatigue.

What you may not have realized is that having a monitor can help your health in many other areas. If you are looking down at your screen, you may find that the muscles in your neck and shoulders are being strained as you tilt your head forward. The same would be true if you are tilting your head back slightly to view your screen. In either case, you were causing strain on the neck and back muscles, which can lead to fatigue and discomfort over time. Keep in mind that you are going to be looking at your computer for 3+ hours per day, so being as comfortable as possible is important.


Improving Your Productivity

The more comfortable you are in your space, the more productive you were going to be. These PC and laptop monitor stands to ensure that you were getting the right height to view your screen so that you do not have unnecessary strain and discomfort. The space and airflow around the computer are also improved, as your space opens up more to allow you to have greater efficiency in your work area.

In addition, the shelves can be used in a multitude of ways that you may not have considered. Besides putting your monitor or monitors on the shelf, you may add some additional light, ensuring that you do not suffer from eyestrain from improper lighting within your space as well. They also help you to hide wires and improve the airflow around your computer and monitors so that you are less likely to have issues related to overheating.

The proper shelf will give you space to hold as many as three monitors. For those using dual monitors, it is ideal to give you the space necessary without cluttering up your desk. You get your screens at an optimal level while also giving you additional space for writing and storing.

Most stands allow you to adjust the height. This ensures that you have your chair at the right height, your arms positioned on the keyboards at the right spot, and your eyes viewing your screen at the proper level to protect your health.

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What If My Monitor Can Change Position

For those who have a monitor or monitors that are locked into a specific height, this is the ideal choice to ensure that you are getting the proper position for your monitor. However, there are some who may have monitors that can be raised or lowered to suit their needs. They may wonder why it would be necessary to get a shelf if they already can position their monitor to accommodate the ergonomics.

That is a good question, and there are two reasons behind it. First, monitors will begin to succumb to gravity over time, even if it is a minimal impact. That means you were going to see that your monitor will slowly lower over time, and it can be hard to readjust to get back to your optimal height. By using a stand, you will have the same position all the time and will avoid issues related to bumping the monitor and changing the positioning.

In addition, you are not receiving the benefits of the additional space that is afforded by having the shelf. This allows you to be more efficient, while your monitors are taking up space on your desk.

Because you were going to spend so much time in front of your computer screen as it is, it simply makes sense to do everything you can to be as efficient and comfortable as possible. The right computer monitor stands for your desk and is what you need to help you meet that goal.