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5 Best Basic Practices to Promote Content

Here are 5 of the best basic practices that will help you deliver your content across multiple channels and achieve the results you need (even if you only have a small following).

1. Email

It’s an oldie but goodie and because your mailing list is (hopefully) made up of prospects that have raised their hands and shown interest in you brand, there is an element of trust and your content will be hitting the inboxes of people that are already engaged and your subscribers are 3x more likely to share your content via social media than visitors from other sources.

2. Engage with your social community

Social medias organic reach is in decline but it’s still a great distribution channel. Just take note, It’s full of complexities that need to be mastered and this being the case it’s also important to only join so-
cial groups that your content and brand is relevant to. It’s about maximizing the reach of your content through more views, clickthroughs, likes, and shares without pushing content into a potential vacuum. For instance – if your brand is predominantly business to business, consider a platform like LinkedIn for the best traction.

3. Pay to Promote

Using native advertising to promote your content is one of the most effective mediums. Native ads are a paid media that consistently matches the visual design and behaviour of the experience they live in. They look and feel like natural content in their environment. If you want your content to land in front of the right sets of eyes at scale, you’re going to need to amplify its power by incorporating paid promotion into your content marketing strategy.

4. Reach out to influencers

Use a tool like BuzzSumo to reach influencers at scale who share content just like yours. Just take key-words from the specific niche that surrounds your content, fill in the information and you’ll get contact information for people in those niches. Social isn’t the only place to target influencers. Take it from us, a cold email is likely to capture more at-tention, especially if your influencer has a busy social profile and this is a fantastic way to network too.

5. Turn your content into a video

Gain a broader reach and selectively turn your very best blog posts or reports into video. Remember the importance of visual communication and the dominance it has on perception. Publish on a video community like Vimeo or YouTube where there are millions of users looking for great videos and then use these as staging platforms to your other outlets.

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