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PreVET is a Northern Territory Government initiative that introduces positive ideas around work culture, resilience with work and how literacy and numeracy relate to different industries by providing relevance to learning. This project required 86 interactive learning objects to be developed in Articulate Storyline. A storyboard would be developed by the curriculum manager, which contained all the information required for the development of the learning objective including audio scripts for narration. The development and delivery of the learning objects were developed using a combination of e-learning authoring tools such as the Adobe Creative Suite, Articulate storyline and Adobe Captivate. These learning objects were then integrated into interactive magazines for learners to browse through as a part of the course. These HTML5 interactive magazines were inclusive of rich media such as video, learning object activities and audio. Within this project Web Consultants also produced audio narration and voiceovers for all 86 learning objects inclusive of audio post-production using Adobe Soundbooth. All our learning objects are Moodle compliant. Once the storyboards were received it was then handed over to Web Consultants, the eLearning developer to start the instructional design process and create a user experience that achieved the learning objective. Often this required brainstorming unique ways to make the learning objective interactive and engaging. Once this user experience was approved the interface design for each activity would be developed in Adobe Photoshop, all elements would be exported and imported into Articulate Storyline for the interactive object development. These learning objects would include a variety of user engagement drivers from drag and drop sequences, multiple-choice options, branching scenarios and assessment.
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