Over 9 million Aussies now use Instagram

That’s over 40% of the population logging on the juggernaut social platform each and every month to connect with influencers, brands, and friends and family. It’s a powerful place for your brand to engage audiences and build authority through visual appeal and unique storytelling.  

Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 for $US1 billion in cash and stock. At the time the platform was a mobile-only photo-sharing app with 30 million users. Now it has more than 700 million users. 

Will Easton, Facebook managing director Australia and New Zealand says. “We’re thrilled that the Instagram community in Australia has grown to nine million monthly actives,” 

“From teen entrepreneur Morgan Hipworth of Bistro Morgan to iconic Aussie brands like Qantas and the very first AFL women’s team, we are inspired by the innovative ways of using Instagram to build their communities and strengthen relationships with people they care about.” 

From a marketing perspective, Insta is incredibly expressive and engaging. Using “digital influencers” allows people with a sizable following to talk about your brand with followers that they have developed trust with over a long period of time. You get a trusted voice that vouches for your brand, and in the noisy digital space where many have developed brand blindness with an overload of brand broadcasting, having real people with a loyal following amplifying your message can have a profound autorotative building effect and fill your sales tunnel fast.

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